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new chic in town

hey dude.
my name is Ruthlyn. as if that name doesn't already sound loserish.
i used to be in a group of friends called The Hobbits.
and. . .we used to be really close.
now they are even closer.
but without me.
in fact,they don't even act like I exist anymore.
they're all i've ever had. and now I feel like i don't even know them anymore.
with each day, i'm getting squeezed further and further out of te group.
everyone hates me.
title or description
this is me and my ex boyfriend casey.
i'm in love with him. but he's too embaressed to talk to me in front of his friends, yet his FRIENDS think i'm semi-cool and will talk to me when no one else is around. (that's me in the picture, by the way)
we're fuck buddies. kind of. we fuck when he feels like it.
I try to refuse. on a day when he's being an asshole.
but he lures me into his trap of seduction. and I'm carried away. until he orgasms. . .
and then he just walks away. not a goodbye or anything.
I am simply a blowup doll to him.
I keep running back to him, 'cause i'm weak and insecure.
I hate him.
But I need him.
aren't I a pathetic fuck?
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